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Rapid development worldwide has created an insatiable demand for oil to power the millions of vehicles and industries that propel the development and growth of the economy. At ADEEMA we are continuously driven by the challenge of fulfilling this need that ensures prosperity and better future for all. Our regional field expertise combined with reliable technology, operational excellence, and committed service sets us apart from others in providing you with the perfect solution for all your energy needs. ADEEMA maintains a stable and reliable relation with international oil suppliers to make sure that your demand for oil is always met with complete satisfaction. With a long standing reputation, sound operation channels, and technological means, we provide premium oil to our client’s in the domestic market and overseas.


ADEEMA strongly understands the importance of providing on time delivery of the products to the clients and how this can differentiate us from many other oil traders in the industry. Therefore from the beginning we invested on buying our own oil product tankers in order to provide complete range of service to our customers. Over the years we have gained fair experience in buying and selling oil product tankers from various existing ship owners. We are also heavily involved in the chartering business as we charter our tankers for many oil traders in the region.


Over the years our competence in meticulously sourcing of products combined with efficient and strategic management has carved for us a distinguished place in the region giving us an opportunity to consistently outperform our competitors. With a strong footprint in both regional and emerging markets ADEEMA General Trading transacts in multi-commodities like Steel, Iron, Copper and other natural products. Our ample knowledge, experience in risk management and regional presence help us to maintain strategic partnerships providing us with superior market insight and access to opportunities. With a strong reputation for our capability, quality and competitiveness we promise to meet and exceed your expectations.

Business Consultations

Our partners and solicitors have dedicated themselves to developing a unique combination of skills and knowledge that sets them apart in the industry. With years of experience and a commitment to continuous learning, they have cultivated a dual expertise that enables them to provide clients with comprehensive and well-rounded solutions.

By combining their legal expertise with a deep understanding of our clients’ industries and business challenges, our professionals are able to offer insightful advice and strategic guidance. They possess a broad perspective that allows them to anticipate potential issues, identify opportunities, and develop innovative approaches to problem-solving.

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