Rapid development worldwide has created an insatiable demand for oil to power the millions of vehicles and industries that propel the development and growth of the economy. At ADEEMA we are continuously driven by the challenge of fulfilling this need that ensures prosperity and better future for all. Our regional field expertise combined with reliable technology, operational excellence, and committed service sets us apart from others in providing you with the perfect solution for all your energy needs. ADEEMA maintains a stable and reliable relation with international oil suppliers to make sure that your demand for oil is always met with complete satisfaction. With a long standing reputation, sound operation channels, and technological means, we provide premium oil to our client’s in the domestic market and overseas.


ADEEMA Oil plays a significant role in the bulk trading and supply of various refined oil products in the Middle East region. Backed by the board of directors with a solid experience of over 20 years in the petroleum industry we have the ability and strength to turn our market understanding in to market advantage.

Partnering with major international oil suppliers in the petroleum market, the company takes full advantage of the competitive edge that it has gained with a strong and long market experience in order to provide its clients with varied oil products by sourcing them from the main suppliers and the major oil trading houses of the region. We have the capability to supply and deliver the products either by our own fleet of tankers or by chartering vessels from other oil tankers owners.

ADEEMA primarily deals in the following three categories of Oil products:


With a significant understanding of regional needs ADEEMA trades and supplies Bunker to various ship owners and chartered vessels. Backed with an experience of more than 10 years in the Bunkering Industry we have an in-depth understanding and knowledge to provide our customers with bunkers to their vessels by offshore supplies with a ship to ship transfer, via a bunkering barge onshore, inside the port directly through pipelines and by road tanker trucks. With a strong and reliable network of suppliers and bunker traders ADEEMA can provide bunkering at any port in the world. ADEEMA mainly supplies the bunker with the following products